20161112_163548 I loved the Haunting of Sunshine Girl and I must say the second book did not disappoint. In the Awakening of Sunshine Girl, the protagonist Sunshine is coming to terms with the ghost world, her powers and her feeling toward a boy she can’t  even touch without feeling sick.

Sunshine is taken to a dilapidated University of sorts for Luiseach training called Llevar La Luz. This place does not only serve as a training center but it seems to be the only place that will keep Sunshine safe.I might be a bit biased as Llevar La Luz is located  in Mazatlan Mexico. My family is from Mazatlan Mexico and I have visited several times its such a beautiful place, with a lot of ghost tales and super spooky at night, which made this book that much more real.

The ending was such a cliff hanger I’m not sure how I will be able to wait till next year.