Happy Friday my book friends, today I have decided to share with you all were I get most of my books. Like most of you know books can be very pricey and I for one can’t afford them. However I still mange to get some really good books in like new condition for super cheap.

No it’s not Book Depository, or Book Outlet or even actual used bookstores. I get most of my books at my local thrift store, outdoor markets and swapmeets. Now, 99% of the time I will not find new releases and there is no order in the way they organize the books but I love a good book hunt.

This week I found a copy of Paranorman by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, its a middle grade book but I thought the movie was super cute, so I just had to have it. It is in really good condition with a dust jacket and a beautiful hardcover. I purchased this one for $1.99 at the thrift store.


I also found a copy of The Night Circus, it’s a paper back and it looks like no one has read it. I’m excited to start reading it, I have heard some good things about it. I purchased this one for .99 cents also at the thrift store.

2016-12-02-12-41-14-1And by far the best and most expensive find this week  was, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I have the full set from when I started to read them as a kid but I want the full hard covers in the Bloomsbury edition and I was super happy to find this one. It’s in great condition and I picked this one up at he swapmeet for $3. Did I mention I was so happy.


I love finding great books for cheap. I really do suggest looking for books at thrift stores and other places were books are not the main focus, you will be surprised at how cheap you can find them.