Hello my book friends hope you are all having a lovely evening. Today’s review is on Marissa Meyer’s Fairest.


This is  Lavana’s story, if you haven’t read the Lunar Chronicles yet, I have no idea what you are waiting for. They are great, a beautiful retelling of the best known princesses with a science fiction twist.

**Slight Spoilers**

I loved the book but hated Lavana. I loved everything about the book because we get to see what happened to Lavana as a child, we see her fall in love and we also get to see her interact with Princess Selene aka Cinder and Winter. I did feel bad for Lavana at the start of the book, no one should be treated the way her family/sister treated her. Constantly having to use her glamour so she wouldn’t be made fun off. However I quickly started to hate Lavana even more. She was evil and she tried to justify all the wrong she did by making herself seem like the victim. She never felt guilt or remorse for the way her manipulations affected the lives of others.

Over all I loved it and cant wait to get my hands on Stars Above!

Again if you have not yet picked up this series I highly recommend it.