The year is 1926 in the city of New York a time of peace for the actions of a handful of people… and creatures… will determine the fate of many Magizoologist Newt Scamander newly arrived in town, intense his day to be just a brief stopover. However when it’s magical case is misplaced and some of his Fantastic Beasts escaped into the city it spells troublefor everyone. . .

There is so many places I can start with this one but I think I will tackle the fact that this is an actual screenplay and not in an original book form. I did go into this book knowing that it wasn’t going to be as detailed as the movie or as insightful as JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series but none the less I enjoyed it very much. Because basically it’s like reading the movie however you can clearly see a difference between this screenplay and the “Harry Potter and The Cursed Child” script. You can feel JK Rowling  in this book, the way she made you feel for the characters  and the beasts and made you feel a part of that world again.

I was lucky enough to watch the movie two times in theaters and I really enjoyed everything but there were some things that I missed or that I didn’t understand until I read the screenplay. I fell in love with all the characters a bit more especially Newt Scamander and Queenie, as the screenplay really makes you understand what they’re thinking at the moment. Unlike the movie where we were left to assume what they’re thinking. All in all it was a great read and I can’t wait for the next four installments of the movies and hopefully the screenplays as well.


What did you guys think? Did you love it was much as the movie??

Let me know below!!