**Alert ** Caution** Warning**

Spoilers ahead!!!!!

Spoilers ahead!!!!!!!!!

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You have been warned!!!


Hello my book friends, if you are still reading this it’s because you  read the book and want to keep talking about it. I will be reviewing/ rambling this by beginning, middle end and characters.

At the beginning of the book we are introduced to Catherine along with her maid/ best friend Mary Ann. They both dream of opening a bakery together, and the first thing that came to mind was, girl you don’t know how good you have it being rich and never having to work for anything in your life. I figure Mary Ann wanting to better herself or simply to amuse Catherine and followed along in Catherines dream.

At the black and white ball when Cath spins in the sea of cards that Jest throw I thought Cath was carefree and I started to like her. But you could also see she was naive when it came to the king trying to propose. I really enjoyed the running away part were Cheshire sat on Margaret’s head, as I thought Margaret was a bit of a stuck-up.

I thought the way Cath meat Jest was perfect. I do belive Jest fell in love at first sight. Why else would he have asked “Are you sure you aren’t the one the King is in love with?” If he didn’t already feel something and was scared of taking her heart. (? I wonder?)

Everything that happened from the tea party to the turtle festival made me really upset. Let me explain I could not help but feel bad for Jest as Cath was playing with him. Sure she said that she didn’t want to marry the King but she didn’t do anything to stop his advances. She also never really told her parents what she wanted. I’m pretty sure she only told them once.

I kinda figured out that the Jabberwock was Peter Peter’s wife pretty early on but still enjoyed the story with Hatter and the pumpkin seed. I did think the book dragged at the beginning and then it was jam-packed at the end.

OMG so many feels once Jest is murdered. He was so perfect and why oh why must he have to die? OK I know why but still why????

This part of the book got me so mad. I was so upset with Catherine for blaming everyone but herself. I personally think Cath had most of the blame as she led Jest on. She did a complete 180 in about 2 chapters. She was so unfair to Mary Ann,  I mean I thought Mary Ann did exactly what any good friend would do, ask for help. She didn’t know Jest as Cath did, to Mary Ann he was a complete stranger so she had every right to tell.

She was cruel to the Hatter and also blamed him for Jest death, even when he told her not to look through the door.

**Tell me if you feel the same when or even if you realized Hatters love for Jest**

I thought just like Catherine, Hatter didn’t have to follow her through the door, he could have gone of to Chess and stay ahead of time. Jest on the other hand had no chose but to follow her because he loved her and didn’t want anything bad to happen to her. But then I realized why Hatter was rude, and disliked Catherine. He was jealous. I had to read it twice when I realized, then on the next page I was 100% sure, Hatter was in love with Jest.

“You didn’t have to follow me.”

He snarled. “I had to follow him.”

OMG all the feels in the world. Poor Hatter also blamed himself for Jest’s death and know he would pay for it with his sanity. I didn’t expect that at all.Even talking about it makes me very upset.

I liked how the white rose had a part in it. It’s one of my fave part in the original Alice. I wanted to slap her parents, the nerve of them to say she doesn’t have to marry the King and they want is for her to be happy. Like really if that’s all you wanted non of this would have happened.

Man oh man sorry for my ramblings, did this book make you mad as well,. If so please comment down below.

I gave it a 4/5